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Re: AM_CONDITIONAL exponential expansion

From: Richard Boulton
Subject: Re: AM_CONDITIONAL exponential expansion
Date: 09 Sep 2001 19:33:08 +0100

The exponential expansion fix wasn't committed to the 1.5 branch because
it is quite a big change, and there was a concern that it might cause
breakage in 1.5 and delay the release (the patch was submitted only days
before the release).  However, I've now been using the HEAD branch for
some time (with this fix), and have compiled a lot of projects with no
problems (relating to this fix anyway), and there have been no other
reported problems.

I therefore agree with Robert that it would be a good idea to apply the
patch to branch-real-1.5 now.

(Tom: if you agree, I'm happy to commit it myself.)


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