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Tool to Promote Your Business

From: Greetings
Subject: Tool to Promote Your Business
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 0102 04:09:36 -0900

You Will Receive fully functional Software Programs 
with unlock code just for signing in at my site.  This
software was developed by a business associate of 
mine.  I have used it and it truly is of great quality.
Go to

 After you sign-in, you will receive a message from the corporation. 
 In this message you will receive a hotlink which will confirm your intentions
 to receive an ID#. 

The ID# allows you the privaledge of shopping at our shopping mall and
 receive rebates on items that you purchase.  Our affiliates include Walmart, 
Home Shopping Network, Sears, and 

You can save on items that you purchase almost everyday. 
 The ID# also enrolls you in a medical benefits plan.  This plan entitles
 you to savings on perscription drugs, and saves you money with your medical,
 dental and optical provider. 

Many people also find that they find significant savings on their Home Morgage
 with us.    

There is absolutely no obligation on your part.  Sound confusing?  Don't worry 
I will  walk you through the steps. 

And now to the software: 

1) This powerful new software will dramatically increase your 
Internet exposure. Why pay for advertising when you can get it free? 

Not only will this software show you where to get free advertising 
it will take you there! All you have to do is point and click! 

2) Pick up all your mail from one email account this 
handy software will allow you to do this. 

3) Want to know how to make your ads pull like crazy? 
This software ebook will teach you how! 

Sign up now no cost no obligation! Just free information. 
Let me know if you need anything. 

Warm Regards, 
Caroline Gainer

If you which to end communications send a blank email to address@hidden


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