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Re: how to use multiple automake's at the same time?

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: how to use multiple automake's at the same time?
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 12:26:19 +0100
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Lukas Österreicher wrote:
One other thing I just found:
depends on perl-base, which is a mandrake rpm.
This probably means that your tools are useless for
distributions other then mandrake - unless you know
a way how to fix that.

$ grep perl /usr/share/auto/
Requires: m4, perl

It seems the `rpm` did map `perl` into `perl-base`.
Actually, the mdk rpm'er does denote a lot of other
requirements as well, obviously some automatism
at work (e.g. *aargh*)

Actually, if you want multiple version of autotools-for
then you need to --force the installation anyway, so
just do so. Remember, these are my personal scripts
and they have no relation to the autotools group other
than me being on these mailing lists.

keep me informed if it works anyway, okay ;-)
have fun, guido

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