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./Configure -> make => configure again?!?

From: Jean-Guillaume Paradis (LMC)
Subject: ./Configure -> make => configure again?!?
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 08:30:14 -0500

Hi guys,

        I have a very weird problem with my project. Perhaps you can help me!

        Everytime I run configure, then type make, there is a chance that doing
this will run aclocal, autoconf and configure again!!! I realized this a
while ago: I wrote some macros that I put in my aclocal.m4 file, and
then, when doing a make, it would sometimes run configure and aclocal
again and complain that my macros weren't there anymore (aclocal.m4 had
been overwritten). I then realized I should put my macros in
acinclude.m4, but still...

        I have no idea what triggers this. I remember reading in the
documentation that "Sometimes, make will run autoconf and aclocal again"
or something similar, but I don't want this to happen!!! 

        Any ideas?


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