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multiple definition of e.g., bin_PROGRAMS

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: multiple definition of e.g., bin_PROGRAMS
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 10:46:58 +0200

Hi Alexandre!

I noticed recently that there are two definitions of bin_PROGRAMS
in coreutils' src/  One that's identical to the original
in src/, and another, better one, that follows most of
the rules copied from

Is this intentional?

That doesn't seem like a big problem, but could conceivably cause
trouble, since most of the names in the first definition lack the
$(EXEEXT) suffix, while all of the ones in the latter have it.

Of course, most uses of $(bin_PROGRAMS) will resolve to the latter,
better definition, but if someone ever does something like this

var := $(bin_PROGRAMS)

in, they might be surprised not to get the $(EXEEXT) suffixes.

Poking around in, I see that append_exeext does call
macro_delete (presumably to remove the original definition), but
by the time that function is invoked, it's already too late: the
first definition has been `output' via generate_makefile's call to

For example, from automake's backsl.test,

  testSubDir/ = hello
  testSubDir/ = hello
  testSubDir/ = hello$(EXEEXT)

The same applies to EXTRA_PROGRAMS, and probably any other
*_PROGRAMS variables that happen to be used.

I'll let you decide whether/how to fix this one :-)


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