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Re: Why configure script says to link this library with LIBADD instead o

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Why configure script says to link this library with LIBADD instead of LDADD?
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 21:55:05 -0600
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address@hidden wrote:
> I learned that subsubdirectories require making
> a noinst_LIBRARY object to link with executables like so:
> myprogram_LDADD = /path/libmynoinstlib.a

Why do you believe subdirectories require this?  (And there is a bug
here too.  Don't do this.)

> For current project, configure script says I should
> use LIBADD rather than LDADD?
> Why would it say that for this project??

I have enough knowledge of the autotools to be dangerous and am often
corrected.  Take this advice accordingly.  You used a full path to
that library.  This would lead a program to believe that you are
referring to a system library which is not built by your project but is
expected to be part of the build environment.  A "Build-Depends" type
of relationship.

If you build it in your project then all references to built objects
should be either relative or based upon one of the $(top_builddir),
$(builddir) macros.  By using a hard coded full path you prevent the
project from being built in a directory other than your original
directory.  This type of error will be flagged during a 'distcheck'.

Try either of these instead:

  myprogram_LDADD = ../lib/libmynoinstlib.a


  myprogram_LDADD = $(top_builddir)/lib/libmynoinstlib.a


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