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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 00:03:25 -0700

Mr. David Brown 


Naturally, this letter will come to you as a 
surprise since we have not met, permit me to 
introduce myself. I am MR DAVID SMITH BROWN a 
Zimbabwean Farmer. 
I am contacting you as the need for me to have a 
foreign partner in your country has become necessary 
due to my plans to relocate and establish a private 
company in that region, as the present political 
instability in my country Zimbabwe, does not 
encourage financial investment as the environment is 
not conducive for investment and most of all 
security is not insured, just as reported by 
international media. I got your contacts through 
personal research and out of desperation I decided 
to reach you through this medium. I will give you 
more information as regards to this as soon as you 
reply and I repose great confidence in you hence my 
approach due to security network place on us and I 
hope you will not let me out to security personnel. 
This problem started when the Zimbabwean government 
under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe 
announced a decree on May 31st 2000 to seize more 
than 849 white-owned farms. So far, more than 1,400 
white owned farms have been invaded and confiscated, 
as well as claiming the properties of the farmers. 
Consequently, most of my colleagues and our 
properties were seized again putting us to total 
confusion, frustration and hopelessness by the 
administration of President Mugabe in my country and 
we where subjected to psychological torture by the 
security agents in the country. Some of my friends 
are still under detention, although arrangements are 
being made for their release, now I have no 
confidence with anybody within my country. 
During these periods, as reported by some 
international media including the CNN, so many white 
farmers were killed, the government is not stopping 
at this, as just recently the government have asked 
all white-farmers to give up their farms to black 
farmers or risk going to prison. Having lived in 
this country Zimbabwe for so many years, I have no 
other country to go to, nor can I trace any of my 
distant relatives. Therefore, I decided to contact 
you, for your assistance, so that I can establish a 
company in your country and relocate there. Also, I 
must re-iterate the importance of having a citizen 
of your country to front as the owner of the 
enterprise, due to the fact that I am a foreigner. 
For this purpose, I have put in a security deposit 
all monies from the sale of my farm and farming 
equipments (including tractors etc) which amounted 
to US$12Million, I had to move the money out of the 
country through a very secret arranged channel in a 
very unconventional method by my friend an official 
at the "Security Minting & Printing Company" of my 
country. Presently, the money is in an Oversea 
Country, under the custody of a private security 
firm whose name is withheld for now until we open 
I will upon receiving your consent prepare every 
document to enable you receive this money on my 
behalf, pending my arrival to meet with you in your 
country so that we can both make further 
arrangements with regards to establishing the 
company. As a partner you will be entitled to 20% 
stake in whichever company that we both decide to 
establish when I arrive your country. 
I am waiting urgently for your response and please 
treat with utmost confidentiality. 

Best Regard 
Davidfarms Ltd 
Harare Zimbabwe 

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