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automake 1.7.5 includes system headers in dependencies?

From: David Wolfe
Subject: automake 1.7.5 includes system headers in dependencies?
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 02:02:34 -0400

Hello.  Hoping someone can help me figure out an 'oddity'(?) I just
discovered in an ac/am project for QNX 6.2.1 (Momentics NC version)
using autoconf 2.57 and automake 1.7.5.  I just opened up one of the
.Po files in the deps directory and found that all the system headers
are being included.   (See excerpt appended below.)  I don't recall the
same project doing this under IRIX, but I no longer have access to an
IRIX system, so... perhaps I'm mistaken.

Is this normal?  It seems like the build is taking an awfully long
time, and I suspect this could be a contributing factor.  Is there a way
to prevent the system headers from being included in the dependencies?


timestat.o : \
 ../Src/timestat.cpp ../Src/common.hpp config.h \
 /usr/include/limits.h /usr/include/sys/platform.h \
 /usr/include/sys/compiler_gnu.h /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h \
 ../Src/bg_hndlr.hpp ../Src/peer_mgr.hpp ../Src/time_log.hpp
 < SNIP - 35 lines of system headers >
../Src/timestat.cpp :
../Src/common.hpp :
config.h :
/usr/include/limits.h :
/usr/include/sys/platform.h :
/usr/include/sys/compiler_gnu.h :
/usr/include/sys/cdefs.h :
/usr/include/x86/platform.h :
< SNIP - 90 more lines of system headers >

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