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Ada95 support for Automake?

From: Tapio Kelloniemi
Subject: Ada95 support for Automake?
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 12:02:10 +0300
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Unfortunately I know nothing about automake internals, otherwise I had
written a patch first.

I'm interested in adding support for the language Ada95 to automake.
Particularly for the GNU Ada Translator (GNAT) compiler, since I don't
know of other free Ada95 compilers.

However, the GNAT compilation model is a bit different from the one in
C compilers. For example a special binding phase is required in addition
to compiling and linking. Also GNAT has a gnatmake program which compiles,
binds and links all modified sources in the right order.

There were discussion of this subject (mainly of GNAT and Autoconf)
on comp.lang.ada, where many thought that programs using Ada don't
need autoconf or automake support (since they are already portable
and dependencies of compilation units can be tracked by reading the source
codde). The reasons why I think Ada programs may need auto{conf,make}
support are as follows:
- GNU Standards complicancy
- Easier interfacing to C libraries
- Easily compiling mixed language applications
- Documentation and distribution needs
- Testing the programs

If this sounds like something that would be worth adding to official
automake, I'll give necessary information and other help as much as I can.
I can also look at automake sources.


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