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cross-reference: nobase_include_HEADERS vs. mumbledir; mumble_HEADERS

From: Leonardo Boiko
Subject: cross-reference: nobase_include_HEADERS vs. mumbledir; mumble_HEADERS
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:26:22 -0400
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So I have this project libfoo, want to install its headers at
$(includedir)/libfoo, and use non-recursive make for everything.
Following what I read long ago in "An Alternative Approach to
Subdirectories", I've been doing the following:

  src_headers = $(srcdir)/libfoo
  nobase_include_HEADERS = $(src_headers)/bar.h $(src_headers)/baz.h

But our project is required to work in automake 1.7, and this nobase
usage seems to fire a bug in certain "make install" conditions.  Trying
to find an alternative approach to the alternative approach, I came up
with this:

  libfooincludedir = $(includedir)/libfoo
  libfooinclude_HEADERS = $(src_headers)/bar.h $(src_headers)/baz.h

Then I remembered the pkg* variables, and indeed, there's one for

  pkginclude_HEADERS = $(src_headers)/bar.h $(src_headers)/baz.h

It seems to work fine.  I find this cleaner than nobase_include_HEADERS,
and also allow the header directory in $srcdir ($src_headers) to be
named something else than the package name.

I don't know if all that sounded silly or obvious, but if not, may I suggest a cross-reference from the "An Alternative Approach..." node to the "Uniform Naming Scheme" node?
Leonardo Boiko

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