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Freebsd vs built sources

From: John Darrington
Subject: Freebsd vs built sources
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 20:13:06 +0800
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My project is getting a number of complaints that the makefiles dont
work  on BSD (and one or two other platforms).   It seems that
automake  generates non-portable makefiles when it comes to built sources.

Our build system is rather large, but a simplified one is somthing

$(top_builddir)/subdir/mystuff.c: $(top_srcdir)/subdir/mystuff.x
        cp $(top_srcdir)/subdir/mystuff.x $(top_builddir)/subdir/mystuff.c

CLEANFILES= $(top_builddir)/subdir/mystuff.c

noinst_LIBRARIES = mystuff/libstuff.a

mystuff_libstuff_a_SOURCES = subdir/mystuff.c

bin_PROGRAMS = myprog

myprog_SOURCES = main.c 

myprog_LDADD = mystuff/libstuff.a

This works fine under GNU make, but using freebsd make I get:

freebsd-make  all-am
make: don't know how to make subdir/mystuff.c. Stop
*** Error code 2

We have to build a lot of C source files ( from perl scripts ), and we
have to be able to build outside of the source directory.

I've been battling with this problem for months, but no solution I've
tried is platform independent.  This is rather annoying, because the whole
reason for using automake is supposed to be that I don't have to waste
time on these issues.  Can anyone suggest how to resolve this problem
in a platform independent way?


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