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Re: false positive result with 'make distcheck'

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: Re: false positive result with 'make distcheck'
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 20:00:55 +0000

Ralf writes:


> Now, even when you stick "$(srcdir)/" in front of the prerequisites,
> still VPATH searching applies.  Since source tree of the distcheck
> source (that below /tmp/rpmbuildupdate-0.7/rpmbuildupdate-0.7) does
> not contain the *.in files, but VPATH contains "..", the `make' executed
> inside the directory /tmp/rpmbuildupdate-0.7/_build finds the file
>   ../../
> and happily uses them; that is: the second "../" is your "$(srcdir)/",
> and the first "../" is the result from make's VPATH search.
> ...
> Two ways to get out of this:
> - do not stick $(srcdir)/ in front of the prerequisites.  For example,
>   this should work portably (if you take care not to stick $(srcdir)/
>   elsewhere before the *.in files):
> rpmbuildupdate:
>       perl -pi -e s'|address@hidden@|$(sysconfdir)|' \
>         < $(srcdir)/ > $@
> rpmbuildupdate.comp:
>       perl -pi -e s'|address@hidden@|$(sysconfdir)|' \
>         < $(srcdir)/ > $@
> (Note that even Solaris make would not VPATH-rewrite the rule, since the
> string `' is not surrounded by white space in the rule.)

This way will not work if one wants the generated Makefiles to be useful
on several non-GNU versions of "make".

As I recently learned, if one uses $(srcdir)/foo as a target or a
dependency, one must use it in all places "foo" is referenced (including
on the command line rule of a target, or Sun's "make" (for example) will
do Interesting things.

> - Try issing distcheck from a VPATH build itself.  For example,
>   after the exact steps printed at the beginning of this mail, do:
>     make distclean  # needed so configure from VPATH will not complain
>     mkdir ../build
>     cd ../build
>     ../rpmbuildupdate-0.7/configure
>     make distcheck  # fails

This seems better, from what I have seen.


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