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Re: including files in the distribution tarball

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: including files in the distribution tarball
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 14:26:30 -0600
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James Willenbring wrote:
> Some of our developers find it especially painful to list individual files.
> Is there any way that we can add all files with a certain suffix to the list
> of files that are included in our distribution by default, or even include
> files that match some pattern?

The standard answer to your question is given by this documentation:

The developers (me too) feel that it is better to avoid including
files dynamically.  Personally I have worked with 'mkmf' and have
experienced problems with people dynamically including files that were
not desired.  That experience puts me on the side that likes the files
to be explicitly listed.

> The specific issue we are looking at right now is how we can add a
> large number of documentation files to the tarball without listing
> each file.

You could script the editing of the file such that they
are populated with the list of files that you want.  Using commands
such as 'find' can generate the file list very easily.

  find . -name '*.txt' -printf '  %P \\\n' 
  find docdir -name '*.txt' -printf '  %p \\\n' 

Then simply include that file list into the file.


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