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(no subject)

From: jmcferreira
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 16:01:44 +0100 (WEST)
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Hello all,

I'm new on this list. And glad about it. The following was originally
posted by me in the Autoconf list. It has been replied by Bob (thx)... but
anyawy... here is the original...

I've come into a project (old project) in which we have to maintain and
upgrade some C/C++ libs on several diferente unices...

It is all Makefile based... one Makefile for each diferent target :(...

I've been trying to write down the necessary and
files but I'm having problems related to directory structure (so I think)

The project's source code (one part) is divided into the following

- ourlib
------ src     (only .c files)
------ include (only .h files)

I was trying to write one in src and another in the upper dir.

I can do make, but make distcheck always fails no matter what. I've tried
several approaches but I never get complete success. So I'm guessing the
directory structure is messing things up. I can _not_ touch the directoyy
structure !!!


- how do I tell the tools that all headers are to be found in the include
dir ? in the top-level or in the src one ? what goes in each
of them ?



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