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Re: automake + .info files help needed

From: Matěj Týč
Subject: Re: automake + .info files help needed
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 21:46:26 +0100

Hello, Ralf,
here are things you have requested, if the previous mails wasn't
satisfactory ;-)

> First, do you build in-tree (./configure ...) or out-of-tree
(../path/to/configure ...)?

 I build in-tree...

Second, if you
>  find $top_srcdir $top_builddir -name \*.info | xargs rm -f
 find $top_srcdir -name \*.info
finds nothing

> (with directory names suitably replaced) and then do 'make info',
> what is the output (again, cut and paste all output, please)?

 find . -name  "*.info"
address@hidden DevIL]$ find . -name  "*.info"
address@hidden DevIL]$ make info
Making info in docs
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/bubla/tars/devil/DevIL/docs'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `info'.

> Lastly, please post the that is responsible for listing the
> info_TEXINFOS.

 address@hidden DevIL]$ cat docs/
info_TEXINFOS = DevIL_manual.texi

EXTRA_DIST  = images/DevIL.png  images/devil_msvc_include.png
EXTRA_DIST += images/DevIL.eps  images/devil_msvc_include.eps

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