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Generate Custom Compiler / Build Rules?

From: Xochitl Lunde
Subject: Generate Custom Compiler / Build Rules?
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:27:31 -0500

Automake community:

I would be very thankful for any advice on the following:

I have an embedded platform for which I override all the make rules by 
writing the make rules by hand in  I have tested this out, 
and it works great, but because we have many unit tests, I have to copy 
and paste the rules over and over and over as we add unit tests.    This 
is just getting unweildy if I ever have to adjust the rule a little bit. I 
want to figure out how I can have automake create the correct rules for my 
embedded platform for each item in bin_PROGRAMS. 

It is not a problem for me to modify scripts which are part of the 
Automake install, if that is the right solution.  We currently use a 
customized Cygwin environment to build, and changes to this Cygwin 
environment will not affect the rest of my system in any way.  I have 
looked through the index of autoconf macros, and I don't see anything 
directly applicable, and I don't think BUILT_SOURCES is what I am looking 
for either.

My rules are copied at the end of the email.

Also, the 3rd party libraries which I am linking have circular 
dependencies, and so I end up needing to use the --start-group and 
--end-group flags in the linker command line.  I haven't been successful 
trying to figure out which libraries to list in what order, although I am 
getting closer.  Automake complains if I put --start-group in 
networktest_LDFLAGS or in networktest_LDADD.  Is it not possible to use 
this flag in without defining custom rules?

And the very last thing, Automake 1.10 complains about the "$(shell pwd)" 
in my 'debugfile' definition in, but Automake 1.9.6 handles it 
just fine.  Which one is confused or how should I write this?

# ---------------------------
# Describing file extensions.
# ---------------------------

# -----------------------------------
# For use in defining makefile rules.
# -----------------------------------

        networktest serializetest inetaddresstest hosttest \
        tcplistenertest tcpconnectiontest \
        servertest udpservertest tcpservertest networklibtest


# ------------------------------------
# Unit test of network.h / network.cpp
# ------------------------------------
dist_networktest_SOURCES = \
        $(top_srcdir)/../common/tests/network/networktest.cpp \

# From Makefile.appbuild.ns9215, additional code needs to be compiled.
nodist_networktest_SOURCES= $(ac_netos_dir)/src/bsp/common/appconf_api.c

networktest_INCLUDES = -include 

networktest_CXXFLAGS = -W -Wall -Werror --pedantic -O0 -g \
        -DTESTCLASS=NetworkTest $(networktest_INCLUDES) \

networktest_LDFLAGS = $(AM_LDFLAGS)
networktest_LDADD = $(LDADD)

# (... )

# ---------------------------------------
# Use the NET OS linker scripts to build.
# ---------------------------------------
LINKOPT= -mbig-endian -nostartfiles -mcpu=arm9tdmi

# -----------------------------------------------------------
# Additional objects are required for linking an application.
# -----------------------------------------------------------
NETOS_CUST_OBJS=$(ac_netos_bspdir)/reset.o \

# -------------------------------------------------------------
# The startfile is crt0.o.  This defines our application start.
# Only crt0.o is needed if your application is C.
# For c++ define the other 4 files. You might otherwise see the
# error: undefined symbol __dso_handle
# -------------------------------------------------------------
STARTFILE=$(ac_netos_dir)/lib/32b/gnu/crt0.o \
        $(ac_netos_dir)/lib/32b/gnu/crti.o \
        $(ac_netos_dir)/lib/32b/gnu/crtbegin.o \
        $(ac_netos_dir)/lib/32b/gnu/crtend.o \

# ---------------------------------------------------
# Define custom build rules for the executable files.
# These are the definitions for the debug image. 
# More rules are needed to initialize the debugger.
# ---------------------------------------------------
networktest$(DEBUG_EXT): $(networktest_OBJECTS) 
        $(CC) -o  networktest$(DEBUG_EXT) $(networktest_OBJECTS) 
                  -T $(LINK_CMD) $(NETOS_CUST_OBJS) $(STARTFILE) 
                -Wl,--start-group $(APP_LIBS) $(LIBS) $(networktest_LDADD) 
-Wl,--end-group \
        $(NM) -n networktest$(DEBUG_EXT) > networktest$(SYM_EXT)

# ------------------------------------------------------------------
# Define rules to make the *.bin images. This build rule is defined
# in Makefile.appbuild.ns9215 as the target $(IMAGE_WITH_HEADER).
# ------------------------------------------------------------------
networktest$(EXEEXT): networktest$(DEBUG_EXT)
        cp networktest$(DEBUG_EXT) networktest-monimage$(DEBUG_EXT)
        $(OBJCOPY) -Obinary networktest$(DEBUG_EXT) 
        $(ac_netos_imgcompress) networktest$(ac_uncompress_ext) 
        $(ac_netos_boothdr) $(ac_netos_imgheader_cfg) 
networktest$(ac_compress_ext) networktest$(EXEEXT) $(PLATFORM) 
        $(RM) networktest$(ac_compress_ext)
        ../../$(ac_netos_binpack) $(PLATFORM) 
$(ac_netos_ldscripts)/rom.bin networktest$(EXEEXT)
        mv rom.bin networktest$(EXEEXT)
        mv rom.bin.md5 networktest$(EXEEXT).md5

# ------------------------------------------------------------
# Add the rules to create the GDB debugger files. The debugger
# needs to have the information from each image, and it
# expects that image to be named 'image.elf'
# ------------------------------------------------------------
debugfile=$(shell pwd)/image.elf
currentfile="`cygpath -a -w $(debugfile)`"

        echo $(currentfile) > .currentfile
        cp $(ac_netos_dir)/debugger_files/gdb$(PLATFORM).jlink ./.gdbinit
        echo source $(ac_netos_dir)/debugger_files/.gdbinit.threadx >> 
        echo source $(ac_netos_dir)/debugger_files/.gdbinit.ns9215 >> 
        echo source $(ac_netos_dir)/debugger_files/.gdbinit.eclipse >> 
        echo "addresses-ns9215" >> .gdbinit
        echo "command-info" >> .gdbinit
        rm .currentfile

networktest$(GDB): networktest$(DEBUG_EXT)
        $(RM) ./image.elf
        $(RM) ./.gdbinit
        cp networktest.elf image.elf
        make gdbinit
        echo "Please find the debug image at" $(debugfile)

# ----------------------------------------------
# Create rules to make the images from the file.
# This includes creating rom.bin and image.elf
# from the desired executable targets.
# ----------------------------------------------
releasefile=$(shell pwd)/rom$(EXEEXT)

networktest$(FLASH): networktest$(GDB) networktest$(EXEEXT)
        $(RM) ./rom.bin
        $(RM) ./rom.bin.md5
        mv networktest$(EXEEXT) rom$(EXEEXT)
        mv networktest$(EXEEXT).md5 rom$(EXEEXT).md5
        echo "Please find the flash image at" $(releasefile)

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