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Processing intermediate source files

From: jarek
Subject: Processing intermediate source files
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 08:55:44 +0200


        I have a c/c++ project with some number of intermediate files generated
from ASN.1 sources.
        At the moment I'm building intermediate .cpp/.h sources like this:

regen: regenerate-from-asn1-source

        esnacc -C file1.asn file2.asn file3.asn

What should I write in so the regeneration will be performed
automatically, when any of ASN.1 files will be changed ?

I've tried with SUFFIXES but, there is no simple relation between one
ASN.1 and one .cpp file. ASN.1 files have dependecies, and they should
be compiled together.

best regards

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