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Dependent libraries

From: Murray S. Kucherawy
Subject: Dependent libraries
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 13:36:19 -0700


I know there are other threads on this topic already, but they don't
seem to match my situation exactly, so I hope people don't mind a bit
of a repeat.

My top-level directory contains source for several libraries and a
binary.  One of the libraries depends on the other, but so too do the
binaries and their respective test programs. That is:

  ysrc.c (tries to #include <x.h>)
  bin1src.c (tries to include <x.h>)
  test1.src (tries to include <x.h>)
  bin2src.c (tries to include <x.h>)

libx/ tries to install x.h in a subdirectory off of
$includedir.  During "make", gcc for ysrc.c gets -I../libx, so the
build is fine.  During "make distcheck" however, the build of ysrc.c
can't find x.h, and terminates.

The suggestion I've seen for dependent libraries is to make libx be a
SUBDIR of liby.  I could do this, but it brings up two questions:

(a) Will bin1/, bin1/tests/, and bin2/ be able to find <x.h> during
"make distcheck"?

(b) There are other libraries in the package that might become
dependent on libx later.  The SUBDIR wouldn't work in this case, I
take it.  Is there a solution when i get to that point, apart from
making libx into its own separate package?



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