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Re: Make autoconf and automake generate compile_commands.json for integr

From: Basin Ilya
Subject: Re: Make autoconf and automake generate compile_commands.json for integration with other build systems and IDEs
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 22:47:20 +0300
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Hi Doron.

The list of source files and resulting object files isn't known until `make` is 
launched. The IDE should be ready to support a constantly updating compilation 

It is possible to create a wrapper program for GNU Make that will do the job. 
It won't be part of Make, you will have to install it separately. An IDE can be 
configured to run the wrapper instead of the real Make binary.

The wrapper can handle the shell commands executed by Make. For instance, it 
can pass these commands and other information to another component that will 
update the compilation database.

I have a script that stores the needed info in a binary format, but somebody 
has to write at least the part that reads the binary data from the standard 
input and converts it to JSON.

I think this question belongs to the GNU Make mailing list, not Autotools.

24.07.2018 19:59, Doron Behar пишет:
> Many build systems, IDEs and text editors plugins, integrate with source
> code files using a compilation database. It is `compile_commands.json`
> and it is placed in a project's root directory.
> It is best explained here:
> As listed here:
> (,
> some build systems support it out of the box (ninja, cmake and waf) -
> (
> With probably the most common one, the GNU build system, this is not
> supported out of the box. Although there is currently 1 workaround
> (, It would be great it would be
> supported right out of the box, through `automake` or `autoconf`.
> I think it would be worth the effort of the developers, what do you guys
> think?

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