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Build and test failures with Autoconf 2.70

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Build and test failures with Autoconf 2.70
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 15:10:46 -0500

Autoconf 2.70 (released last week) makes a few changes that broke
Automake’s expectations, mostly in the test suite.  I regret not
having had the time to test Automake with the new Autoconf prior to
the release.

The attached patch fixes two of the problems:

 - AC_PACKAGE_NAME and AC_PACKAGE_VERSION are now defined unconditionally.
   AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE needs to use m4_ifset instead of m4_ifdef to diagnose
   the obsolete use of AC_INIT with fewer than two arguments.  (This change
   is compatible with autoconf 2.69; m4_ifset is much older, and it means
   ‘defined with a non-empty value’.)

 - autoconf now issues a warning if fed a configure script that doesn’t
   invoke both AC_INIT and AC_OUTPUT; this, plus a problem with system-
   provided tools (still under investigation) broke the *build* on macOS;
   it also causes a couple of spurious testsuite failures.  See for more detail on the macOS
   build failure.

   I may not have found all the places where this is an issue.  It's hard
   to grep for the absence of something.

There are still four testsuite failures on my dev box, which runs Debian

FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/

These are genuine regressions; they do not happen with autoconf 2.69 on the
same system.  They all appear to be cases of autoconf and/or aclocal
getting run when the test suite does not expect them to be run.  I am
stumped as to why, and would appreciate any debugging assistance you can
provide. test-suite.log is also attached.

(I see several more failures on a variety of non-Linux machines provided by
the GCC Compile Farm, but it's probably not worth tracking those down until
we get the regressions on an all-GNU OS sorted out.)


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