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USB i/o

From: Johannes Köhler
Subject: USB i/o
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 00:37:39 +0200
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Dear AVR dudes,

iam new with regard to your list. I actually did
my experience with a avr programmer...
Because, i never thought to get in touch
with you and your religious fanaticism
- mean that in thought about low level
thinking, theoretical joke :)

When i get deeply in touch with embedded
stuff, like together with my tiny pololu working on
a serial ttl to an arm NAS, i will tell
you more about me and myself. (future thinking)
Kefko - on(e)of(f) my hacking acronym

Now to the essential parts of my concern & post:

Currently, I am using Linux with systemd. So to say,
udev is my device management.

Q: Two systems. Both x86-64 archlinux distribution.
The first system is running into an I/O Error using
avrdude on an USB device, while the other is not, with the same setting
of course. One has an asmedia USB 3.0. controller, the other
i am not quite sure. The same system with an deprecated
linux installation did everything fine, in the past.
I want to write an hex file (sketch) to an arduino uno.

My exact question would be, what i have to consider
with my USB configuration. I did some try on error
attempts: Deactivate USB3.0 within BIOS. Deactivate
ehci. To trigger the module loading during kernel
boot. Nothing changed the problem with the I/O
error. Hardware is intact. System two is doing
the eeprom upload without a drop out...

Maybe some can give me some hints. I am not deep
inside of USB device driver & linux ...

thx & sincerely

Wonderful vim doku:
When a mapping triggers itself, it will run forever
WEB www.johannes-koehler.de

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