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[bug-anubis] AUTH with 3.9.95

From: Jim Cheetham
Subject: [bug-anubis] AUTH with 3.9.95
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:29:28 +1200

I'm happily using AUTH (credentials in a database) with connections to
Anubis, and I'd like to use AUTH when connecting to the MTA.

At the moment, the only way I can see to do that is to set 'esmtp-auth'
in the user's rcfile.

I'd like to use the same credentials supplied to Anubis to connect on to
the MTA. Failing that, I'd like Anubis to gather the credentials from a
database (in my case, the same one it used for AUTH originally) and use
them. Having the credentials exist in the rcfile isn't very tidy, or

Have I missed an option somewhere?


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