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[bug-anubis] 'modify header' only adds, can't remove (wish list?)

From: Paolo
Subject: [bug-anubis] 'modify header' only adds, can't remove (wish list?)
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 22:17:41 +0200
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this is again from my previous posting: in the manual, it is shown how to 
modify an header _adding_ stuff:

  modify [Subject] "[Anubis \\& others] &"

but there seems to be no way to _remove_ stuff from an header, like in

  echo "Subject: Re: [X-Cruft] test anubis" | \
    sed "s/\(.*\)\[X-Cruft\]\(.*\)/\1\2/I"

Wish-list, or am I missing something?


-- paolo
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