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doc weirdness in cvs version

From: Aharon Robbins
Subject: doc weirdness in cvs version
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 16:20:59 +0200

I pulled down the current version from the CVS repository late last week.
I'm skimming the doc, and I notice that section 13.2 discourages the
use of acconfig.h in favor of AH macros and config.h.top and config.h.bot.

But... section 13.5.1 says don't use config.h.top and config.h.bot and
use acconfig.h instead.

So, which is it?  I use acconfig.h with @TOP@ and @BOTTOM@ in gawk,
and would like to do the right thing if I switch to the current autoconf.


Arnold Robbins
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