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Re: autoconf 2.13 -> 2.50 for libiberty in gcc-2.95.3

From: Maurice Lombardi
Subject: Re: autoconf 2.13 -> 2.50 for libiberty in gcc-2.95.3
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 18:29:13 +0200
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Tim Van Holder wrote:

Has anybody adjusted configure.in in the libiberty directory for autoconf 2.50 ?

Hmmm...  Checking my disk at home, I find I handled this for my
test build of gcc3.  Note that this was for a native (DJGPP) build;
it may not work properly if cross-compiling.

OK.  It works fine now with obvious changes between gcc3 and gcc2953 versions
Many thanks

       Maurice Lombardi
Laboratoire de  Spectrometrie Physique,
Universite Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, BP87
38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex     FRANCE
Tel: 33 (0)4 76 51 47 51
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