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Re: autoheader problem

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: autoheader problem
Date: 14 Jun 2001 12:53:34 +0200

On 13 Jun 2001 17:23:11 -0400, Bobby Wintemberg wrote:
> Hello,
> AC_INIT(acinclude.m4)
We may need to see this file as well (it'll probably contain
kdevelop's own support macros, which may have further
compatibility problems with autoconf 2.50).

> dnl checks for programs.
> dnl first check for c compiler

This might be a problem, but that depends on how this macro
is defined (it's probably in acinclude.m4).

> dnl create a working libtool-script
> if test -z "$LIBTOOL"; then
These are probably the culprit; I think the language macros
use a different syntax in 2.50.

>   dnl LIBTOOL="$LIBTOOL --silent"
>   LIBTOOL_SHELL='/bin/sh ./libtool'
> else
> fi
> dnl check for presence of dynamic-loading-library functions

This whole things seems fishy; why aren't they simply using
AC_PROG_LIBTOOL?  Isn't that the canonical way to use libtool?

At the very least you should log a bug report with the kdevelop
team to say the configure.ins they generate aren't compatible with
autoconf 2.50.
I'm sure Akim will be able to quickly point out what you need to
change in configure.in to make it work;  I just hope kdevelop won't
screw it up again after that.

Tim Van Holder - Anubex N.V.
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