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Re: Failure in test for autoconf-2.50b

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Failure in test for autoconf-2.50b
Date: 06 Jul 2001 10:11:06 +0200
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| Aha!  Now I remember!  I mistakenly thought that the autoconf tests
| required dejagnu, so I ran my tests like this:
|     PATH=/usr/local/dejagnu/bin:$PATH make check

Pfff!  :)

| This formula yields the error:
|      26: torture.at:90     diff: -: Value too large for defined data type
|     FAILED near `torture.at:163'

That's really weird.  Actually working on Autoconf's test suite is a
bizarre exercise where you keep on discovering surprising things...

| : zion autoconf-2.50b/tests Thu 5 23:36; ls /usr/local/dejagnu/bin
| expect*  runtest*  tclsh*

Hm...  I fail to understand how it could have some influence on
anything here...

src/ace/tests % egrep -w 'expect|runtest|tclsh' testsuite        nostromo 10:07
src/ace/tests %                                                  nostromo Err 1 

| Anyway, let me know if there's more info that would help.  I don't
| really care very much since this seems to be dejagnu-related.

Well, it would be extremely useful if you could find out what's wrong,
since we do have problems with the test suite: it is not always
deterministic, and I still don't understand why :(

For a start, I'd like to know whether:
1. you run Solaris
2. what happens with PATH=/nonexistent:$PATH make check

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