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Need help getting F77+F90 working in autoconf

From: Tamara L Dahlgren
Subject: Need help getting F77+F90 working in autoconf
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:05:49 -0700

I'm working on a project that depends upon automake (1.6.x) and autoconf
(2.53) on a linux box for our build system.  We already support F77 and
are trying to simultaneously support F90/F95.  

I downloaded the autoconf patches from an email message
(http://cygwin.com/ml/autoconf-patches/2001-07/msg00027.html) and have
been trying to incorporate them into our build but am having little
success.  (Please note I am a novice autoconf/automake/m4 person!)  So
far I have tried multiple variations on two common themes:

1)  integrating the above macros into our acinclude.m4
2)  building a new version of autoconf that includes them

I'm currently iterating on the first option and have found that aclocal
does not properly parse the F90 or F95 preprocessor or compiler macros
(i.e., AC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 90), AC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 90),
AC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 95), AC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 95)).  I've traced
it to the regular expression that matches the AC_DEFUN macro
definition.  The searching function generated by the second for loop in
the subroutine "scan_m4_files" reveals that the lack of the closing
paren is leading to the following error:

  internal error: Unmatched ( before HERE mark in regex
m/\bAC_LANG_PREPROC( << HERE Fortran 95\b/ at (eval 7) line 129.

as seen in the snippet from the search routine:

if (/\bAC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 95\b/) { & add_macro
(AC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 95); $found = 1; }
if (/\bAC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 90\b/) { & add_macro
(AC_LANG_PREPROC(Fortran 90); $found = 1; }
if (/\bAC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 95\b/) { & add_macro
(AC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 95); $found = 1; }
if (/\bAC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 90\b/) { & add_macro
(AC_LANG_COMPILER(Fortran 90); $found = 1; }

Any suggestions on how best to approach resolving this problem would be
greatly appreciated.


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