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Can't use Fortran 90/95 compiler for F77

From: Daily, Jeff A
Subject: Can't use Fortran 90/95 compiler for F77
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 12:50:46 -0800

We use autoconf to build a mixed Fortran 77/C/C++ code and have recently
run into problems using Fortran 90/95 compilers for F77.  Our Fortran
source is Fortran 77 and all Fortran 77 source files use either the *.f
or *.F extension.  We also set the default INTEGER size of the Fortran
compiler to the same size returned by AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(void*), when
available.  To allow for setting of the default INTEGER size we look for
Fortran 90/95 compilers first using AC_PROG_F77 with a custom argument
list of Fortran compilers to search for.  In particular on a BlueGene/P
system using the IBM XL compilers, the conftest compilation fails during
AC_PROG_F77 because "-qfixed" is required to compile the source
correctly.  I am aware of the macros AC_FC_FREEFORM and AC_FC_SRCEXT yet
neither help in this case.  In my opinion, AC_PROG_F77 should detect any
necessary flags for compiling F77 source with F90/95 compilers.

I've attached the test suite for autoconf on the BlueGene/P platform in
question, although I doubt it matters in this case.



Jeff Daily

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
902 Battelle Boulevard
P.O. Box 999, MSIN K7-90
Richland, WA 99352 USA
Tel: 509-372-6548

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