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Re: config.log doesn't show INSTALL or srcdir

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: config.log doesn't show INSTALL or srcdir
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 09:04:58 -0600
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On 10/27/2011 05:14 AM, LHB wrote:
Somewhere along the line, these vars managed to escape from being reported!

I did notice that config.status has a little section in it that has the
missing vars all grouped together. Coincidence?

No, this is by design.

s|@configure_input@|$ac_sed_conf_input|;t t
s&@top_builddir@&$ac_top_builddir_sub&;t t
s&@top_build_prefix@&$ac_top_build_prefix&;t t
s&@srcdir@&$ac_srcdir&;t t
s&@abs_srcdir@&$ac_abs_srcdir&;t t
s&@top_srcdir@&$ac_top_srcdir&;t t
s&@abs_top_srcdir@&$ac_abs_top_srcdir&;t t
s&@builddir@&$ac_builddir&;t t
s&@abs_builddir@&$ac_abs_builddir&;t t
s&@abs_top_builddir@&$ac_abs_top_builddir&;t t
s&@INSTALL@&$ac_INSTALL&;t t

These are the magic variables, whose contents vary depending on what directory where the substitution occurs.

All the other variables are constant substitutions - it doesn't matter how deep your file with @VAR@ is, the substitution will use the same value of $VAR. But for the variables listed in this hunk, the expansion varies; for example, @top_builddir@ might be "./" or "../" or "../../", and so on. Since they aren't constant over the life of the config.status substitution loop, they aren't listed as environment variables with a constant value. $INSTALL is one of these magic variables, hence its intentional exclusion from the earlier list of substituted names.

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