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Faillure to autogenerate file on hpux

From: Bastien ROUCARIES
Subject: Faillure to autogenerate file on hpux
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 21:55:46 +0100

Last version of imagemagick fail to build on hpux during build. We
supsect  a autoconf bug.

Unfortunatly we have no access to hpux.

cd . && /bin/sh ./config.status config/delegates.xml
config.status: creating config/delegates.xml
cd . && /bin/sh ./config.status config/configure.xml
config.status: creating config/configure.xml
ln -s PerlMAgick/quantum/Q16.xs
usage: ln [-f] [-I] [-s] f1 f2
ln [-f] [-I] [-s] f1 ... fn d1


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