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filename completion suggestions

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: filename completion suggestions
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 12:21:09 +0800

[bash version= the one found in mandrake 7.2]

when one hits TAB and is presented with the '200 etc. possibilities show all y
or n' question,
one should be able to hit another TAB to see them all, and not have to be forced
use y.

also the possibility list should have / * etc. appended like ls's flags can do
to show
directories, links, executables, etc. ... if possible...

environment variables could optionally be part of expansion candidates
LS_<TAB>  should expand to LS_COLORS=
or even better have the current value right there at the end of the
expansion for handy editing: LS_COLORS=XXXXXXXX...
[though LS_COLORS is a bad example here as it is so long.]
the option could be part of .bashrc etc...  maybe it's already there :-)
initialy this option could be on as it shouldn't break anything as it is a pure
interactive feature.
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