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'suspend' and 'xterm'

From: Adam
Subject: 'suspend' and 'xterm'
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 20:06:14 -0400 (EDT)

        ona a linux system , if I start xterm, and then type right
        away 'suspend' it will suspend the shell anyway, and .. well
        look as if it hang. and the only optoin left is to
        kill it xterm.

        Is that fault of xterm or of bash? Looking over documentation
        of bash, I see that if it is called as "login shell" it will
        refuse to suspend itself. so I could just add "--login" option.
        But on the other hand when I start xterm, I do not login,
        just start another window. Also if I type 'suspend' in an
        xterm running tcsh ('xterm -e tcsh') then it does right thing
        and refuse to suspend itself since there's nothing to suspend

        Thus the thing I was wondering about. If/Can it be done to
        make bash somehow more intelligent to detect if there's
        something what I can suspend to or not. I believe there are
        other cases besides 'xterm' where it will just hang. 'sulogin'
        is another example I can think of. and require one to use "--login"
        option in each case seems be cumbersome.

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