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PATCH: arrow keys in vi insert mode

From: Joshua Spoerri
Subject: PATCH: arrow keys in vi insert mode
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 10:39:38 -0400
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the attached patch to readline-4.2 enables the arrow keys in vi insert mode.

essentially it allows subsequences of keys, for example both "abc" and "a".
by passing match info down recursive calls, it will even do the right thing
if the user types "abx" (match "a" and leave "bx").

zsh also implements a timeout, so that in the example above if you type "a"
and wait for a second, it will assume you mean the "a" subsequence no matter
what comes later. i didn't think this was necessary, because sfaik most vi
users have strong habits and don't need that little bit of feedback. in
addition, it gets a little sticky for slow links.

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