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TAB doing both complete and menu-complete

From: Alexander Shopov
Subject: TAB doing both complete and menu-complete
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 20:42:29 +0200


I have a question regarding the readline library on a GNU/Linux
platform. (RedHat 7.1)
I have this problem:
Can TAB do both complete and menu-complete?
I want this behavior - after the first try at autocompletion, TAB should
do a "complete" - show all possibilities
but when I tap it after this, I want it to cycle through the completion
possibilities (menu-complete).
If this is not possible - can menu-complete be bound to Control-TAB (I
tried it, but it seem to me that TAB and Control-TAB are the same in
I have read readline and bash manual, I have searched the Internet and
this mail list archives with google, I am 1/4 in the 10MB archive I
downloaded and asked our LUG but no one knows.
I am interested in this behavior for bash, although it would be nice if
all readline programs did that.
I had a look at the examples regarding the bash builtin "complete" but I
have not found what I want there. (still examples there are very
interesting and I am gradually incorporating some of them).

Best regards:

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