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Not a bug - just an idea: 'Str-z & bg' @once

From: Robert Michel
Subject: Not a bug - just an idea: 'Str-z & bg' @once
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 01:05:13 +0100


First - you made a great job. By try to learn the power of your shell,
I found out that there is one feature missing (IMHO):

Strg-z & bg brings the process into the background
BUT it is interupted.

Imagine for cdrecord or rec is an interupt not realy perfect ;).
So I would propose 'Strg-b' for 'Strg-z & bg' @once.

'screen cdrecord.....' helps but then you have to know it
in advance that the new process my be to be moved to bg.
At last when GNU/Linux become a realtime system, 
such a shell function will become elemental ;)

Wish you the best,

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