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Re: bash hash bug

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bash hash bug
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 21:49:30 -0800
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Eric Blake wrote:
POSIX states, ...

It is too POSIX compliant
        I'm not running in POSIX compliant mode.  I'd just appreciate
hash working.

1. If a command is executed, and a command with the same name is
   installed in a directory in the search path before the directory where
   the original command was found, the shell will execute the original
   command.     Use the hash command to correct this situation.

Indeed, that is another detectable side-effect of hashing - an
implementation that uses the hash should consult the hash, even if another
candidate utility was added earlier in the search path.
        It's clear that bash is attempting to implement the hash function.
It may not be REQUIRED to have a hash function, but it does.  Given that
it does have a hash function, it seems it would be good if it functioned
as expected, no?

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