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Re: set -x output of test operator is irretating

From: Francis Litterio
Subject: Re: set -x output of test operator is irretating
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:08:13 -0400
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Jan Schampera wrote:

> Bob Proulx wrote:
>> Chet Ramey wrote:
>>> Because the ==/!=/= operators are defined to match the rhs as a pattern
>>> unless it's quoted.  You quoted the original string, and the `set -x'
>>> output is supposed to be re-usable as input, so the trace output is
>>> quoted appropriately.
>> Of course that makes sense for the "==" and "!=" cases.  But is that
>> true even for the "=" case?  For the "=" case I thought it was
>> "STRING1 = STRING2" and not "STRING = PATTERN".
> "When the == and != operators are used, the string to the right of the 
> operator
> is considered a pattern [...]"
> From the description for [[ ]].
> = and == should make have difference in behaviour.

I see this:

        $ [[ foobar = f*b*r ]] && echo yes
        $ echo $BASH_VERSION

So is this a bug?

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