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not a bug report but need help

From: naruto canada
Subject: not a bug report but need help
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 08:04:56 +0000


(I've asked on comp.unix.shell but got no real help)

anyone have any idea on how to achieve this --
I'm facing a very stubborn "configure" file that I spend all day try
to modify, but to avail...
anyway, all I need to do is to replace every call to gcc -La1 -La2 ...
-Ib1 -Ib2 ... to
gcc -La2 -La1 ... -Ib2 -Ib1 ... in other words, reverse the "include"
and "library" lists.

I can reverse lists easily by any programming language,
but I need to intercept the commands and make changes before it's executed.

I don't think bash has "programmable" alias.

Also I've looked at bashdb, it's not clear it's intended purpose is
for intercepting commands.

(as of today, I've resolved the issue by other means. but it would be
nice to have a feature like this to deal with stubborn packages and


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