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Bug, or someone wanna explain to me why this is a POSIX feature?

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Bug, or someone wanna explain to me why this is a POSIX feature?
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 11:44:53 -0700
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I was testing functions in my shell,  I would cut/paste,
thing is, with each past, I'd get my dir listed (sometimes multiple times)
on each line entered.

Now I have:
no_empty_cmd_completion on

i.e. it's not supposed to expand an empty line

but type in
function foo {
<tab>return 1
When I hit tab it lists out all the files in my dir -- which
explains why when I cut/paste, any tab-indented line will list
out the dir, and if it is multiply indented, it will be listed
once for each indent level!

Now I'm sure someone will come up and tell me how POSIX this or that.
But maybe POSIX needs to be retired if this is some required feature!

When I tell it not to complete an empty line, and hit tab at the
beginning of a line -- even inside a function def, I don't need my
dir listed!

So is this a bug, or can we retire POSIX??

running bash  4.1.10(1)-release (x86_64-suse-linux-gnu)
(released version in Suse 11.4).

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