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Re: Bug, or someone wanna explain to me why this is a POSIX feature?

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: Bug, or someone wanna explain to me why this is a POSIX feature?
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 13:49:31 -0700
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Davide Brini wrote:

foo() {  # hit enter here
# hit tab here
Display all 112 possibilities? (y or n)

The latter only attemps completion from names in the current directory.
        Right.   That was my issue.

My understanding is it shouldn't try to perform completion on an empty
line.  Period.

Consider at the command line:
it doesn't display the local filenames

(assuming no_command_completion is set)...

The POSIX reference was to a previous note I posted ... were I wanted to
know why
return -1 threw an error, but you could work around it with
(exit -1);return; People cited posix, but I asked for return to be consistent with 'exit', as exit (as it currently functions) is consistent with most other languages (i.e. they
define the value as a short int, but it is still truncated to 8-bits).
Having exit & return in bash behave similarly to other langs can only help in shell programming.

If 'posix-only', (or whtaever the option is) is set, then probably both (exit and return)
should 'throw' errors -- 'value out of range' (not invalid option

Anyway...command completion!...uh....shouldn't be trying to complete
things from the current dir. That's the whole point of no_empty_cmd_completion, no?

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