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OT Re: set -e in (subshells) does not work independently of outer contex

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: OT Re: set -e in (subshells) does not work independently of outer context
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:15:26 -0800
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Chet Ramey wrote:

On 2/8/12 9:28 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
Please note,  I didn't compare anyone or their actions to those of Nazi's,

This discussion has gone on for a long time; the probability of a
comparison involving Nazis hit 1; ipso facto, Godwin's Law holds.

But that would be similar to saying a similar law about 'the Reds' in the 50's, or Witches in the 1600's, or devils and demons before that.... it's likely the last most famous example of a group that had individuals who collectively evidenced almost any bad behavior we can think of -- so it's only natural, it would be, the most recent example of 'bad behavior' that would be used that most people would agree was bad -- they were they losers in the last world war.

They'll probably stay in their position of infamy until we have another 'worse' enemy (which, let us hope, won't happen, and double hope, won't be the US)...

But can you name any other single group that is so widely known that can be used as a bad example?

It's hardly noteworthy to say that eventually a conversation, if it goes on long enough, will make mention of the worst of recent events or the best .. or anything in between. It would be much more interesting if the conversation continued until comparisons to devils and demons or original sin, or the evil of the most jealous god... who purged all gods before him and demands exclusive veneration. Now those would be interesting comparisons in a conversation, but Nazi's? That's just recent events... ..

Though ... I suppose, one could think of posix as a replacement? But I doubt they have the infamy points.

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