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no-empty-command-line-completion -- thought fixed in 4.2? when?

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: no-empty-command-line-completion -- thought fixed in 4.2? when?
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 19:24:02 -0700
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I thought this was fixed in 4.2, yet I'm still seeing it...

when's this going to be fixed?

It's driving me crazy, as bash drops input because it asks questions about
displaying 1000's of completions...).

when I paste a few lines of source in at the shell -- doesn't
matter if it is bash script or perl or written text...

I can't rely on bash not corrupting the text.

Even between single quotes:

will generate autocomplete.

Yet I have no-empty-commandline-completion turned off.

So why isn't this fixed?

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