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Re: How does one disable completion when nothing but tabs or spaces is o

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: How does one disable completion when nothing but tabs or spaces is on the line?
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 20:32:29 -0800
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Chet Ramey wrote:
On 1/5/13 8:36 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:

Chet Ramey wrote:

OK, if readline as it currently exists doesn't offer the feature you want,
why not take a shot at writing it?  You might find that others like it as
well, though none of them have spoken up so far.
    This feature used to exist in 3.0.  You "fixed it" to only
work at the command prompt.  It would be useful, as you did the work
to create the new functionality, if that fix could be put into an option.

No, it really didn't.  In bash-3.0, bash-3.1, and bash-3.2, TAB performs
filename completion when at $PS2 while entering quoted strings or multi-
line compound commands, whether or not the no_empty_cmd_completion option
is on or not.
        Interesting -- as in 3.x I was regularly able to past bash code
into a prompt and not have it corrupted by questions.

        I seem to remember you announcing that no_empty_cmd_completion, at
that point, only applied to the PS1 prompt, whereas before it applied to
any prompt.

        That's when pasting in shell or perl from an edit window became

    Thank-you for pointing my confusion.  However, what I'd rather have,
ties in with the last paragraph you neglected to mention:

   "I also noticed bash doesn't recognize META-key sequences in vi-mode.
   Yet it does recognize ESC-prefixed cursor-key sequences as not being "ESC",
   but I should likely address that in a separate email so as not to confuse
   the issue."

I'll take a look at the meta-key sequences (by which I assume you mean
keys whose value is > 127) issue with vi-insert mode.
        Not exactly -- meta using the ESC key as the meta lead-in, as my
bash has been 8-bit clean on input/output for some time.

There is an intra-character timeout in current readline versions that does
what I think you are talking about.  That is what allows readline to
distinguish between, say, ESC meaning to go into vi commandm mode, and
ESC-TAB meaning to perform word completion.
        I'm not sure, but it looks like that may be working now...
will have to play with it some...

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