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RFE: capture command AND output for display and/or redirection

From: todd . dsm
Subject: RFE: capture command AND output for display and/or redirection
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:07:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Guys, I found the part in the manual about submitting bugs but not requests for 
enhancement. If this is not the right place, let me know.

Enhancement Request:
Bash could use a standardized method of capturing a command AND its output for 
display in the terminal and/or redirection (to wherever, file, what have you).

Is this silly = yes. But, I have 2 words to disable any similar arguments: 
'government work'. The white collars may never come around to our way of 
thinking, or more appropriately, knowing. Until that happens some goofy 
reporting must be used.

echoing a command, then executing is just duplication; also silly. trap is 
cool, (EG: trap 'printf %s\\n "$BASH_COMMAND" >&2' DEBUG) - but in the case of 
redirection to a file, the variable is first printed literally, then expanded; 
this fails too.

Is there any any relief for those working-class scripters like myself?

Please advise,


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