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Bash "bug" - in "read -e -r var"

From: Daniel A. Gauthier
Subject: Bash "bug" - in "read -e -r var"
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 00:06:32 -0500

If you do a "read -e -r var" in bash, and use tab completion to fill-in
a filename, it fills in "My\ File\ Name.txt" and that's exactly
what's read into the variable.  The fix is simple, in tab completion,
the text placed into the buffer should be in the same format that the
read is expecting, so if "-r" is in effect for the read operation, the
the filename should be added to the buffer unquoted.  This is gonna look
something like replacing



This was sent here as suggested by your bug reporting under the guise of
"philosophical bugs".

Thank you for your consideration,
(I'll probably fix this myself someday, but it could be years - I get
kinda busy)

Daniel A. Gauthier
Service Manager
Empire Industries, Inc.
Midland, MI  48640



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