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Re: Patch for unicode in varnames...

From: Peter & Kelly Passchier
Subject: Re: Patch for unicode in varnames...
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2017 07:40:55 +0700
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On 06/06/2560 05:39, George wrote:
> So if you had "Pokémon" as an identifier in a Latin-1-encoded script (byte 
> value 0xE9 between the "k" and "m") and then tried running that script in a
> UTF-8 locale, that byte sequence (0xE9 0x6D) would actually be invalid in 
> UTF-8, so Eduardo's patch would indicate that the identifier is invalid and
> fail to run the script.

I often work with a locale that has a UTF-8 encoding and an
different/older encoding that are incompatible. I haven't tried the
patch, but if I use unicode characters in function names, if I write a
script in one encoding, and run it in an environment in the other
encoding, it still runs correctly, but it won't render correctly. (I
guess this depends whether the editor recognizes different encodings,
like Geany does render it correctly, but I don't know of a console
editor that does that.)


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