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Re: Regression -- can't read input w/stderr redirect

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: Regression -- can't read input w/stderr redirect
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 19:17:46 -0700
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Chet Ramey wrote:
On 6/18/17 6:59 PM, L A Walsh wrote:
Chet Ramey wrote:
Bash has always stripped NULL bytes. Now it tells you it's doing it.
Why?  Did I toggle a flag asking for the warning?  Seems like it
was sorta sprung on users w/no way to disable it.

Users asked why bash transformed input without warning, even though it
had been doing that it's entire lifetime. A warning is appropriate.
Maybe - but links to, at least, 2-3 users who filed bug reports about this
problem in bug-bash would be appropriate as well to justify the inclusion
of the text.

I don't recall it ever coming up until the warning message was discussed as being unwelcome. So please, I'd like to see the bug-report filings where this

   But things are changing -- people have asked for zero-terminated read's
and readarrays.  More unix utils are offering NUL termination as an option
because newlines alone don't cut it in some instances.

And bash provides mechanisms to deal with the relatively few use cases
where it is a problem.

Recall that the only thing that has changed is that bash now provides a
warning about what it's doing.
Oh? I want to read in a value from the registry where something may have zeros
after the data.  Please tell me the mechanism to read this in w/no warnings
that won't silence more serious cases of zero's other than at the end of line.

I want to see the hyperlinks to archived bug-discussions on bug-bash where
users complained about this and where it was at the end of a string where
they expected to be able to read past a binary-0 in the input.

I know I would have like the ability to read binary data into to a var that
might "include a NUL", but I don't recall ever complaining about end-of-string
NUL's being trimmed -- and it was drummed home to me how the null's were the
end of the string -- not how bash read everything but nulls from input.

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