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Re: Regression -- can't read input w/stderr redirect

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: Regression -- can't read input w/stderr redirect
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 02:01:51 -0700
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Pierre Gaston wrote:

Your response: you accuse him to lie to you.
Huh?  Are you daft?  Just because I can't find something about bash
corrupting input in google and ask where people have said this
was said is accusing someone of lying?  Sorry, but I'm looking for
context to see exactly what was said is a far cry calling someone
a liar.

I've tried multiple searches to see where someone might have said
something about bash corrupting input -- most often I see that Nuls
are ignored or can be used as terminators.
I find lots of stuff about people wanting or trying to get nulls to
work with bash, with several thinking it terminates input (or a line).
But nothing about corruption. Perhaps you have pointers to this
discussion I missed?  I find various things about Nul's but nothing
mentioning their absence as being "corruption".

* BASH’s ‘read’ built-in supports '\0' as delimiter
* And a line is by definition terminated by ascii 0, right? Newline, for
 instance, is just a formatting character?
 (an apple-darwin user - stackoverflow (SO))
* marked as 'answer' method to read null terminated lines:
  |while IFS= read -r -d '' line ; do ... done <<<"$var" (also SO)
* support for "-d '' " as equivalent to specifying null termination:
  * "The man page of bash reads: '-d delim  The first character of
    delim is  used  to  terminate  the input line, rather than newline.'
    Because strings are null terminated, the first character of an empty
    string is the null byte." (unix.StckExchng (unix.SE)
  * "Your read has -d $'\0'. This works because -d '' also works! It is
    the empty string, so the null byte comes immediately. -d delim uses
   "The first character of delim". (trimmed for
    brevity; same site)
* question asking why null bytes are removed from a read (unix.com); answer
 was to use zsh or pdksh as they seemed to handle it.
* question asking how to use null bytes in BASH (unix.SE)
* reactionary essay on posix shells being "buggy". How anything in IFS can cause
 corruption. (https://www.dwheeler.com/essays/filenames-in-shell.html)

Pierre, if anyone is spreading falsehoods, it would be you in your accusations.

p.s. -- Chet, if you've taken Pierre serious, I'm sorry, I am looking for
the source of the discussion, I'm not interested in accusations.

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