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Re: possible bugs with colored-stats

From: Arnaud
Subject: Re: possible bugs with colored-stats
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 22:04:15 +0100
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here are screenshots of what I am getting

Le 28.10.20 à 21:44, Chet Ramey a écrit :
> On 10/28/20 4:10 PM, Arnaud wrote:
>> Bash Version: 5.0
>> Patch Level: 17
>> Release Status: release
>> Description:
>>         I have colored my prompt with colors, using PS1 and PS0.
>>         PS1 ends with a color definition, so the command entered is colored.
>>         PS0 resets the color so the output has the standard colors.
> I'm not sure what terminal emulator you're using, but that PS0 is what
> turns the `normal' color to light grey on mine. It's pretty tough to see.
>>         I have actived colored-stats, so when I use tab completion, the 
>> colors I use in the command doesn't show in the tab completion.
>>         Problem 1
>>         If the list starts with a file, only the 1st file is colored with 
>> the PS1 color.
>>         If the list starts with a folder, the colors are ok.
> I can't reproduce this.
>>         Problem 2
>>         when I list the content of a folder with ls, the color is ok (white 
>> in my case, until I reach a folder,
>>         it then switches the color of the following files to grey.
> Nor this.
>>         I tried looking in the bash code to try to find the problem, but I 
>> cannot locate the part of the code for that (not experienced in C)
>>         Normally, readline should be the part I am looking for, but I also 
>> have readline installed in my system, so it should be in it?
> This is part of readline, yes.

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